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PATDP_69x110My novelette Paranoia And The Destiny Programme is out now!
Dale Helix is convinced he is being abducted by the Assembly, a shadowy group of rulers who are engineering a new gender. Is Dale insane or is his paranoia a key to a hidden truth?
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COAHM-eng_69x110My novel Confessions Of A Hit Man is out  in paperback now!
An ex-Royal Marine, Jack, becomes a paid assassin and gets drawn into a government plot selling plutonium to a rogue Nation.
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BBC_158x62_JoeTalbotClick BBC image to listen to the 17 February 2015 interview with Richard Godwin regarding ‘Confessions Of A Hit Man’ and ‘One Lost Summer’

MC_110x69_HomePgMy novel Meaningful Conversations is a hybrid Noir novel that takes a look at the modern world and its most hidden addictions and mythologies.  It’s about Bertrand Mavers, the most adjusted killer you will ever meet.  He is also The Candy Man.
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NCwBrdr-Home-110xMy novella Noir City is about Paris Tongue, a dangerous gigolo who seduces the wife of a Mafia boss and is hunted across Europe by hit men.
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3D-OLSwBrdr-Home-110xMy third novel One Lost Summer is a Noir,  psychological portrait of a man who blackmails his  beautiful next door neighbour into playing a deadly game  of identity.
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3D-MG-Home-110xMy second novel Mr. Glamour, is a dark satire of the glitz of the glamour set. It is about a circle of wealthy people whose addiction to designer goods brings them to the attention of a killer who is obsessed with brands.
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3D-AR-Home-110xThe killing machine in my first novel Apostle Rising, is still on the loose, even as the sequel is being wrapped up for a 2015 release. The lyrical style of Apostle Rising has kept it in high  demand and attracted foreign rights sales.
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You’ll find my ‘Chin Wags At The Slaughterhouse’ interviews at my Blog.

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