O U T     N O W !

Published December 31, 2016.

Therapy cured them of their phobias, but in the glass house, the kidnapper is taking the cure away…

When the adult children of two wealthy families are kidnapped, private detective Earl Blake enters a labyrinth of lies and evasions as he attempts to rescue them. The kidnapper wants money the families can’t come up with, and Earl finds himself in a race against time to find Michael and Abby before it is too late.

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O U T     N O W !

Published October 3, 2016.

Murphy Stubbs came out of Oklahoma with a smoking gun and rage in his heart. He also arrives in the UK with a dream. It is a dark dream of a female rodeo star. He intends to stamp it on the UK. When he meets Rhonda she is the perfect fit for his plan. However, she is involved with the boxer Gary who doesn’t trust Murphy. Then the hustler Mandy and fighter Hank arrive in town. Hank is looking for someone, and he wants revenge. Two worlds collide in an explosive piece of the Wild West, a novel with the image of the frontier running through it, a novel about the rodeo and what it means to Murphy, who is beyond obsessed. He will ensure the rodeo goes ahead and he starts to remove all obstacles in his path. Only Rhonda can stop him, but while she holds the key to the past she needs to get closer to Murphy to find it and stop the violence.

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O U T     N O W !

Published October 6, 2016.

Dangerous, blonde Gigolo, Paris Tongue uses his looks and insight into female sexuality to seduce women in the Secret Hour. This is the time when he takes them out of their lives and resurrects their sexual identity, like an erotic priest. He turns fantasy into reality and ushers in new ecstasies to their lives. Yet sees himself as a night visitor or ghost. The women are haunted by him, their lives forever changed by their encounters. Set in numerous European cities, this lyrical and deeply erotic novel captures the flavour of each city, each hotel, apartment, house, as exotic settings for Paris Tongue’s sexual adventures. But when he seduces the wife of a Mafia boss he finds himself hunted across Europe.

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The great crime novelist James Lee Burke paid tribute to my article about his works at Crimespree magazine.

JLB crimespree RG 2120x560


H A N G    W I T H     T H E    ‘W R O N G    C R O W D’

WrongCrowd-250x167-HomeEast End villains and the Russian Mafia collide in a fast-paced novel of deceit and criminal obsession that sparkles as it speeds towards its astonishing conclusion.

Read a review in the ITW’s The Big Thrill

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U N D E R G R O U N D     I N T E R V I E W

Richard Godwin talks about serial killers and dictators, the unconscious, the political programmes we inhabit and his new release, Wrong Crowd. Click image at right to listen.

V I S I T    T H E    S L A U G H T E R H O U S E

Click CWATS_150x150the image at right to read Richard Godwin’s popular and unusual interviews with other authors.

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NoirCityNE_300x481_NovelsSectNoir City New Edition

Dangerous gigolo, Paris Tongue, takes women out of their lives, resurrects their sexual identity like an erotic priest. They are haunted by him, irredeemably changed. And when he seduces the wife of a Mafia boss, he finds himself in danger, hunted across Europe, facing change.

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B&SM_300Wx299_NovelsSectBuffalo And Sour Mash

A crime novel about distorted love. A Western. A lyrical slice of the prairie, a frontier narrative. A noir novel about obsession and revenge, desire and predation. A look at one man’s grip on insanity and a story about female beauty and showmanship.

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Surveillance and abductions, a novel about the age of digital publishing and what it means. A novel about physicality. When a publisher believes we are being turned into code he finds out he may not be wrong. Then he is arrested for a terrorist plot against London.

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TPATH_300x194_wBrdrThe Pure And The Hated

A man takes a stranger into his house only to unleash a savage lesson from the past. A psychological crime novel about the past, the nature of justice, family secrets, the nature of forgiveness, revenge, identity, hunting and predation.

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SH_300x197_NovelsHomePgSavage Highway

Women are disappearing on the highway, a drifter hunts the men who raped her, and a journalist discovers law has broken down in the area.

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ErsatzWorld_300x194_1pt-brdr-RGB-26Ersatz World

Samuel Verso is an old-fashioned publisher resisting the lure of e-books. As his wife fills the hallway with prosthetic limbs and his business partner is replaced with an exact replica he realises his problems run deeper than books on a computer screen…

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MC_195x300Wrong Crowd

A sultry novel in which an art thief finds himself out of his depth in a criminal maelstrom when he meets a beautiful woman with no past.

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MC_195x300Paranoia And The Destiny Programme

Dale Helix is convinced he is being abducted by the Assembly, a shadowy group of rulers who are engineering a new gender. Is Dale insane or is his paranoia a key to a hidden truth?

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COAHM_frt-cvr_197x302Confessions Of A Hit Man

A high octane thriller. When ex-Royal Marine Jack becomes a paid assassin, work comes easily, especially when working for the Sicilian Mafia, until he gets drawn into a government plot selling enriched plutonium to a rogue Nation.

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BBC_158x62_JoeTalbotListen to an interview about ‘Confessions Of A Hit Man’ and ‘One Lost Summer’

MC_195x300Meaningful Conversations

A hybrid Noir novel that takes a look at the modern world and its most hidden addictions and mythologies.  It’s about Bertrand Mavers, the most adjusted killer you will ever meet.  He is also The Candy Man.

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NoirCity_330x514Noir City

Paris Tongue, a dangerous gigolo, seduces the wife of a Mafia boss and is hunted across Europe by hit men.

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OLS-Cvr-wBorder-330x529pxOne Lost Summer

A Noir, psychological portrait of a man who blackmails his beautiful next door neighbour into playing a deadly game of identity.

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BBC_158x62_JoeTalbotClick the BBC Surrey link to listen to the 17 February 2015 interview about ‘One Lost Summer’

MG_frt-cvr-315x479Mr. Glamour

A dark satire of the glitz of the glamour set. It is about a circle of wealthy people whose addiction to designer goods brings them to the attention of a killer who is obsessed with brands.

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AR_final 02 altered eyeThe killing machine in my first novel Apostle Rising is still on the loose, even as the sequel is being wrapped up for a 2016 release. The lyrical style of Apostle Rising has kept it in high demand and attracted foreign rights sales.

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