She who wishes to be a goddess let her become one
He who wishes to be a god let him be one also
That there may be true measure among men and women
He who is a god step up on stage, she who is a goddess step up

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Let’s talk about the Horus club and how we founded it and how people can be a part of it:

Jenna: Well, Richard we both know how much we are interested in Ancient Egypt. Why don’t you kick us off?

Richard: One of the first things we discussed when we met in London is Egypt, right? Something we have had a lifelong interest in. But let me introduce the Horus Club to the public like this:

Woman to goddess

Gods and man

There is the outer Jenna Bentley, who is photographed, watched, captured on the lens, immaculate beauty, Playboy Playmate, and, to a certain extent, public property – but only in the mind. And then there is the inner Jenna.

Jenna: Right, you are so right.

Richard: And that lady is far deeper, and more energised around certain issues than the outer form may reveal. In reaching and tapping into the inner Jenna, one feels a lot like an inner palace opening up.

What the Horus Club is, simply put, is this: a means of utilizing sexual alchemy to attain the inner goddess for all women, and the inner god for all men. It is a system that I have spent decades organizing and testing, from Ancient Egyptian sources and hieroglyphic materials, studied by Wallace Budge among others, and it is a unique system that works.

It is a means to find your inner beauty and to manifest that externally. To be a goddess. To be a god.

Jenna: Oh boy it does work.

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Richard: How are you perceived as a woman?

Jenna: I think people see me as leading a lifestyle they crave and secretly aspire to but are afraid of. People box themselves in, I see it all the time. I was born and raised in Montana, and I fit in in all the major cities of the world.

Richard: Because you felt the inner stirrings of it as a young woman?

Jenna: Yes I felt the sense of goddess in me.

Richard: How would you like to be perceived as a woman?

Jenna: As unique.

Richard: Your real value lies within, the true appreciation of a beautiful woman goes beyond and far far deeper than beauty, and all it may allow.

Jenna: Absolutely.

Richard: Tell us about your time with Hugh Hefner.

Jenna: When I was 19 or 20, in college in Montana, I submitted to the Playboy College Edition and Hugh liked me. I got to live in the Playboy mansion and be a Playmate. I got to be on the cover more than once. It was surreal. Hugh was so great. He changed my life.

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Richard: Let’s talk about our forthcoming trip to Cairo.

Jenna: Well you have the itinerary, Richard.

Richard: We are going to visit all of the ancient sites. We are going to spark the Horus Club into a brilliant golden fire, more to come….

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Jenna Bentley is an international Playboy covermodel, and has been featured in Maxim and FHM. She’s also a photographer, a Naughty Girl, exhibitionist and nudist.

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