Quick Fire At The Slaughterhouse: Interview With Keith Nixon

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Keith Nixon’s debut novel, The Fix, dealt with the events surrounding investment banker Josh Dedman who is fired when millions go missing from the bank. He has a new novella out, Dream Land. It’s the first of a series. Keith met me at The Slaughterhouse where we talked about his new release and the themes it shares with The Fix.

Dreamland_350x_DS_KNixon photo Dreamland_350x_DS_KNixon_zps798892a8.pngTell us about Dream Land.

Dream Land is the first in series of novellas that will be published by Caffeine Nights every 6-8 weeks. They follow one of the characters from my debut novel, The Fix – Konstantin and act as some back story.

In Dream Land we meet Konstantin as he steps out of a car, fresh out of the Lubyanka. He’s been thrown out of his country and his employer, the KGB and arrived in Margate of all places. Dream Land covers his first 48 hours of freedom, how anD why he becomes a tramp. Trouble follows Konstantin, whether he likes it or not.

Does it have any other themes in common with The Fix?

Yes, it’s punchy and gritty in style for one, answers a few questions about Konstantin but equally raises more. Otherwise it’s a bit of a departure from The Fix, there’s less of the black humour and very little swearing.

Tell us about the forthcoming novellas.

There are a further five novellas, they follow on from Dream Land in chronological order (but can be read as stand alones). They introduce a couple of new characters and show Konstantin’s developing life in Margate – this is all preparation for a future (already written) novel.

In the second novella, Plastic Fantastic, Fidelity Brown, a dominatrix, arrives on the scene. She has a problem with a local loan shark and believes Konstantin can help her. Even though he’s reluctant, he can’t help but get involved. Fidelity is then tied into events in the next two novellas. In number 5 she gets a story to herself and the final episode is Christmas themed.

What else is on the cards for you this year?

In terms of publication, besides the novellas I will have a historical fiction novel out by May. It’s the first in a series about a largely forgotten man – Caradoc, Britains first great General and Boudica’s inspiration. He fought tooth and nail against the Roams when they invaded Britain in AD43.

I’m writing another novel, a police procedural this time.

Keith thank you for an informative and tight interview.

KNixon-300x208 photo KNixon-300x208_DSC_2198-5_zps93210c86.jpgLinks:

“Dream Land” at Amazon US and UK

“The Fix” at Amazon US and UK

Find Keith Nixon at his blog, Amazon author page, Twitter @knntom, and Facebook

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