Quick Fire At The Slaughterhouse With Carrie Clevenger

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Carrie Clevenger writes razor sharp horror and urban fantasy. Her first novel, Crooked Fang, is out today and I highly recommend it. It delivers what you would expect from a woman who writes with a punch, and you will not be disappointed.  You can pick up a digital copy of it at Lyrical Press or get a paperback copy at CreateSpace or Amazon US or UK.

Carrie met me at The Slaughterhouse, where we talked about Crooked Fang and who is will appeal to.

'Crooked Fang' by Carrie Clevenger
How would you elevator pitch Crooked Fang?

A bass player, who happens to be a vampire, lives in a bar. He gets his ass handed to him.

What audience do you think Crooked Fang will appeal to?

I can see people from 18-70 enjoying it in one aspect or another. It has action, a touch of romance, self-realization, a healthy dose of humor and of course, hot sex.

Tell us about the evolution of the character from your stories to the novel.

'Crooked Fang' by Carrie ClevengerXan started as a quiet, brooding, secondary character in another universe of fiction. He broke away from it to become a main feature and with acceptance and encouragement, became the Xan Marcelles you see today: bass-playing, whiskey-drinking smartass.

What are your plans for Crooked Fang’s future?

Definitely more books. I’ve at least two more novels in mind, with next one tentatively named PALE RIDER in advance for the tavern Xan lives in, since the story is more tightly wound around the establishment. It has also ended up being a bit darker in nature than Crooked Fang. The third is a vague idea in mind, but three seems to be the magic number, so yes. At least three in store.

Thank you Carrie for a tight and informative interview.

PhotobucketAbout Carrie Clevenger:
Carrie Clevenger landed in the urban fantasy genre when she couldn’t decide between horror and humor. When not writing she enjoys listening to music, hanging out with musicians, attending local venues, catching her favorite bands on tour, and obsessing over The Next Big Album release. Carrie resides in Austin, Texas. Catch more of her works over at Mindspeak.

About Crooked Fang:
Sometimes a vampire’s past can bite him in the ass.

Xan Marcelles–bassist for Crooked Fang, vampire and full-time asshole, is content with his quiet existence in the backwoods of Pinecliffe, Colorado. But life at the Pale Rider tavern is set to become a little more complicated when he gets entangled with a feisty, blue-haired damsel and her abusive soon-to-be ex boyfriend.

To add to his woes, he’s gone from hunter to hunted, and his past returns to haunt him when a phone call draws him back to New Mexico. With the help of friends from his living past, he must get to the bottom of a murder, and figure out where he stands with his lover and his band, all while keeping one step ahead of his enemies. Hiding won’t be easy for him, especially with a mysterious woman dogging him every step of the way.

WARNING: Cussing, smoking, drinking and hot sex.

Get a digital copy of Crooked Fang at Lyrical Press or pick up a paperback copy at CreateSpace or Amazon US or UK.
Visit the Crooked Fang website.
Find Crooked Fang on Facebook and Pinterest.
Carrie Clevenger on Goodreads.
More about Carrie and all the places she can be found here.

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