Quick Fire At The Slaughterhouse With Paul Brazill

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'13 Shots Of Noir' by Paul D. BrazillEveryone knows Paul Brazill, relentless raconteur of Noir grit, supporter of the writing community. He’s got some new books out, 13 Shots, the excellent Drunk On The Moon series, to which I contribute in Getting High On Daisy, and the anthology of great British crime writing, Brit Grit Too. It features names such as Nigel Bird, Col Bury, Ian Ayris, and Jason Michel, and I’m in it, the list is too exhaustive to mention in its entirety. Paul met me at The Slaughterhouse where we talked about his new releases and E Books.

Tell us about 13 Shots.

13 Shots Of Noir is just that. Thirteen short, sharp stories of booze, bullets and bodies. Imagine Roald Dahl and Alfred Hitchcock on a pub crawl with Frederick Brown and ending up in the Twilight Zone.

What methods can a writer use to maximise E Book sales?

One of the things that ebooks have in their favor is that there is no great cost to ‘ship’ them across the country, across the world.

Once the book is ready for sale then the whole of the internet is your delivery service. And it’s fast, too.

the standard methods seems to be getting on Twitter, Facebook (these seem to be the big ones) Goodreads, Google plus etc.

They cost nothing.

It may turn out that they don’t improve sales very much at all if anything.

These are early days yet. But it costs nothing as I say and you can devote as much time as you fancy.

I think , unless you’re a big cheese you need to use them to some degree.

There is a danger that you can overexpose yourself missus and your posts just become a white noise.

A blog and or website can’t go amiss either, especially if post things that people actually want to read.

How would you like to be remembered?

As the last man on earth. If not, I don’t care. Whatever happens after I plunge into the abyss is none of my business. I won’t know anything about it.

What books are you planning to release?

'Brit Grit Too' by Paul D. BrazillI’ve just finished putting together Brit Grit Too. It’s an anthology of up and coming British crime writers including: Richard Godwin, Ian Ayris, Gerard Brennan, Charlie Wade,Danny Hogan, Jason Michel, Luca Veste, Alan Griffiths, Nick Quantrill, Iain Rowan, Col Bury, Darren Sant and loads more including me.

Brit Grit Too should be a hell of a calling card to the crime fiction community.

Paul thank you for an insightful and succinct interview.

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Amazon links:
’13 Shots of Noir’ – Amazon US or UK
‘Brit Grit Too’ – Amazon US or UK
‘Drunk on the Moon’ – Amazon US or UK
‘DOTM Vol. 5 Getting High on Daisy’ – Amazon US or UK

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8 Responses to Quick Fire At The Slaughterhouse With Paul Brazill

  1. nigel bird says:

    If it comes to having to remember Paul, I’ll have top writer and very generous human being on the list. I also hope that I’ll be able to remember some of the times we spent together, but that’s just on my wish list for now.

    Thanks Paul.

  2. Great interview. But let me put in that I really think throwing your book up on Facebook, Google + and Twitter does indeed reward you justly in both recognition and book sales. Especially so if you have developed a goodly set of ‘fans’ in all three venues.

  3. Jason Michel says:

    May he continue to shine like the theft of a naughty postcard.

  4. Col Bury says:

    Nice ‘n’ punchy quickfire, chaps. Ta very much for the mention.


  5. AJ Hayes says:

    PDB was one of the very first guys on the web who threw me an atta boy. I won’t forget that, ever. Meant a whole lot then and means a whole lot now. Top class gent and one of the best authors out here is the Prague-inian Werewolf. AWOOO.

  6. PBZ has not yet reached the pinnacle of his story telling game – he consistently gets better, shaping his craft into tells where readers are want for more. Us Yanks can learn a lot from you blokes ‘cross the pond.

  7. Ta for this, Richard. And thanks for the comments, all.

  8. richardgodwin says:

    Thank you Paul for an informative and realistic interview.

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