Quick Fire At The Slaughterhouse With Paul D. Brazill

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PhotobucketPaul Brazill, Noir master and indefatigable internet presence has been busy. He’s brought out the brilliant collection of stories based on his werewolf detective Roman Dalton, Drunk On The Moon. And he’s published Brit Grit Too, an anthology of some of the grittiest British writing around.

Paul met me at The Slaughterhouse, where we talked about the anthologies and how they’re doing.

Tell us about the latest on Drunk On The Moon.

Well, the paperback version of DRUNK ON THE MOON is now available from Amazon UK.

As I write, DOTM is number six in Amazon’s horror anthology chart and is one of their HOT NEW RELEASES.

K A Laity did a feature on DOTM for Unbound magazine.

Julia Madeleine got some kind words about DOTM from one of her tattoo parlour customers.

Elaine Ash interviewed me about DOTM and social media over at her blog.

That’s the story so far …

Do you see a further series for Roman Dalton?

I’m sure Roman Dalton will prowl for a very long time.

I’ve had a LOT of interest from people who would like to contribute to a second Drunk On The Moon anthology.

I think he attracts fans of noir, horror, sci-fi, crime and more. The City is a big place and open to a lot of spins.

My friend Richard Sanderson from Linear Obsessional Recordings compared Roman Dalton to Michael Moorcock’s Jerry Cornelius. Suits me, sir!

How are things going with Brit Grit Too?

Now, True Brit Grit- A Charity Anthology, to give it it’s full title, is really kicking botty.

It’s currently number 20 in the Amazon crime anthology chart and has been around that spot, or higher, since publication.

Do you have any more anthologies planned?

Well, Luca Veste has suggested I co-edit Off The Record 2 with him. There is bound to be another Drunk On The Moon, too.

Thank you Paul for a humorous and tight interview.

Pick up a copy of Drunk On The Moon at Amazon UK or US.

While you’re there, celebrate great crime writing and the Queen’s jubilee with True Brit Grit at Amazon UK or US and in print at Lulu. All proceeds will go to charity.

Places to find Paul D. Brazill:
You Would Say That Wouldn’t You?

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